LiveJournal Community

About the Community

Life's Diary has its own LiveJournal community. For those who don't know, LJ is a blogging service, like Blogger, and you can sign up for free and have a cool blog there, with a heap of features - including private and friends-only entries. Another cool thing about LJ is that you can have communities, which are like multi-user blogs. A community is basically a regular blog that lets more than one LJ user post to it, so you can set up one based around a common interest and post about it.

Where It Is

LD's LJ community can be found at It has open membership, so any LJ member who wants to be able to post to it can join and start posting right away. If you're not a LJ member, you'll need to sign up first - go to The community is currently moderated by me (jedi_amara) - that means that if you post horrible or unsuitable stuff there, I can delete it, so just don't bother. ^___________^