Gig Reviews

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INstore - Melbourne, 28/07/2005

The instore at HMV Bourke St, Melbourne, was KC's first gig in Victoria. Since it was held on a school day at 5pm, the band didn't pull the crowds of Kisschasy a couple of weeks earlier, but at least that meant they didn't take too long over signings. The best way to describe the show would be semi-acoustic, I guess. The main complaint I had was that they only played three songs, but the last couple were worth coming for, and the boys were really nice.

Set List: 1. One Last Time. 2. Life's a Movie. 3. Is She Really Going Out With Him?

After some string troubles, the boys opened a few minutes late with "One Last Time", the B-side from "Life's a Movie". This really isn't one of their better tracks, and soon became rather stale. The sound was also harsh at times. It would have been nice to hear an unheard track from their album, perhaps. They redeemed themselves with "Life's a Movie", where Mick's piano playing perfectly complemented the lyrics. KC finished up with "Is She Really Going Out With Him?", Mick inviting the crowd to sing along, and this created the desired effect - quite a racket in the store!