About Us

Life's Diary is just a small fansite for the Australian punk-pop band Kid Courageous, opened in August 2005. I (JA) started the site after seeing them play at HMV Bourke St in Melbourne. The site is named after their second single, "Life's a Movie", and their debut album and its title track, "Dear Diary". The current layout is one I just did quickly - if you can't see them, the backgrounds to the rectangles where all the links are are actually pictures of the boys from Kid Courageous. (Clockwise from top left: Huw, Mick, Dave, Laurent and Pat.) The site's best viewed in Internet Explorer (since most people still use it, I coded it for that, although I don't like it), but should still be very viewable in other browsers, as long as your screen resolution is at least 800x600 and (preferably) you have Javascript turned on in your browser.